Direct Billing Agreement

Getting the best value possible from your insurance and assistance providers. 

We will enable you to: 

  • Provide specialist support to your organisation for your specific medical and security needs, via dedicated assistance services that are in full alignment with your insurer. 
  • Ensure the relationship between you, International SOS and your insurer is as smooth as possible, via our direct billing agreements with insurance carriers. 
  • Provide real-time medical/security case information to your insurer to allow them to verify insurance coverage and achieve their claims management directly on your behalf. With information provided by an assistance specialist, you will ensure important details aren’t missed that, if they were, could lead to complications and unnecessary costs later on.

DBA diagram

We have proven working interfaces and processes with an expansive range of international assignee and travel insurers: Providing administrative support for claim submissions directly to them, when needed.
In the unlikelihood that your employee needs to receive consultation or treatment, we ensure that payment is approved by you, in line with your insurance. We cover payment for your employees with a guarantee of payment; ensuring quality of consultation or treatment will not be interrupted by financial issues.

As the world’s largest provider of assistance services, we are able to negotiate significant payment discounts with many providers. Bringing you and your employees support at the very best price.