International SOS difference

A Global Presence

We deliver invaluable local knowledge and expertise on a global scale. Our tailor-made services integrate both health and security. This means your needs can be met by one provider and a single point of contact for your people. 

  • 27 Assistance Centres - You can contact us any time, any day and in 100 different languages and dialects. 
  • 6,000 Medical Professionals - With extensive experience in all fields of medicine, and a thorough knowledge of the local environment and healthcare system.
  • Access to 3,200 Security Specialists - Providing analysis, expert advice and location monitoring across the world.
  • 53 Clinics and over 1,000 Remote and Workplace Sites - All accredited to international standards. In developed and emerging countries, offshore and remote locations.
  • 103,000 Accredited Providers - In healthcare, aviation and security.


A single point of contact for medical and security

We understand that medical situations can include security issues and vice versa. We can help you put in place an integrated medical and security policy and procedure that is supported by one provider and a single-point-of-contact for your employees.

Our advice is only designed to help organisations achieve their goals. Therefore, the information and advice we provide is based on known facts; it is uninfluenced by political agendas or rumours. Helping you to make business-appropriate and well-informed decisions.


An employee benefit

Establishing a relationship with International SOS has become a key part of thousands of organisations’ employee benefits programme. Helping you to build your reputation as an employer with employee wellbeing at its heart.