Assistance App

Our Assistance App is an essential tool for preparing, informing and keeping your workforce safe. No matter where your people are working or travelling to, they will be able to access the latest health and security advice. And if they should need Assistance from one of our experts around the world, it’s one tap away. 

The Assistance App puts International SOS support into the palm of your peoples’ hands – a core feature of your Workforce Resilience service.


Knowing What to Do

Support your domestic & international employees during COVID-19

Equip your people with the latest COVID vaccine & visa information and advice. Use our expert content developed by world-renowned health and security experts.

Help your workforce prepare for upcoming assignments before they leave their home with personalised pre-trip checklists.

Deliver push notifications about developing incidents or emergencies that may affect your employee’s health and safety.

Equip your workforce with real-time alerts wherever they are

Up-to-date COVID-19 travel information: avoid risks and trip disturbances with the latest on COVID included inbound, outbound and local travel restrictions.

24/7 live support for help when needed: no matter what the issue, we can connect you with the medical or security professional you need to keep your workforce healthy, safe, and productive.

Should a medical or a security alert occur at your employee's location while abroad, they will be notified through the Assistance App immediately and receive expert advice on what actions to take next.

Find your people when it matters the most 

Location accuracy at critical moments: during an incident, our the App’s emergency check-in function uses geolocation to automatically check who’s in the area.

Reach impacted employees with confidence: by knowing your employees’ locations at the time of an incident, you can focus your efforts on people who are actually in the impacted area of the incident and may require assistance

24/7 privacy: your people can be assured that their privacy is respected. Their location is shared only when they are confirmed to be in the area of a major incident.

Real-time Monitoring of your Entire Workforce

What people are saying about the new Assistance App

"Easy access to information for trip preparation and in country support."Associate Director, International Safety & Security at an Ivy League University

"The App provides critical information to make good decisions, provides good guidance."  – Consultant at a Global Pharmaceutical company

"Big improvement in how travellers can register and prepare for their trips. I also think the look and feel of the App will be intuitive to the college-aged students I primarily work with."Education Abroad Advisor at an American University


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Plan for wherever you work or travel to. Stay alerted to incidents unfolding in real time. Get health and security assistance when you need it most. Anywhere, anytime. Download the App now.