Assistance With a Lost Passport and Missing Wallet


If you are unlucky enough to lose your passport while you are abroad, it can be time-consuming and stressful to get a replacement. We strongly advise members to travel with copies of their passports and visas in case the originals are lost as it helps expedite consulate services.

While International SOS can not promise next day service to replace government documents, we can often make things easier - by scheduling appointments with embassies, arranging translation, wiring emergency funds, and rebooking flights home.

Service: International SOS membership

Location: Moscow, Russia


As an international banker, Anne Davidson* travelled frequently. While in Moscow on a three-day business trip, her money and passport were stolen. Due to fly home to London the following day, Anne was understandably in a panic. She called our International SOS assistance centre in Moscow for help.

Assistance Centre


Within 20 seconds, the assistance centre answered her call and began to assist her.  Before her trip, we advised Anne at her pre-travel briefing to photocopy her passport and Russian visa. Unfortunately, in her haste she forgot to bring these items. No matter, International SOS contacted Anne’s company and they faxed a copy of her passport from her employee files. Additionally, they authorized us to wire Anne 12,000 roubles ($400 USD) in emergency funds.

International SOS supplied translation services so she could file a police report for her stolen wallet. We also arranged an appointment for Anne at the British Embassy.

The next morning, she went to the embassy and got a replacement passport within 24 hours. At the same time, Anne’s in-country visa sponsor helped her apply for a new Russian visa so she could return to the UK. With the help the assistance centre, her flight home was rebooked. Three days later, Anne received her visa and was on her way home. 


With International SOS’ expert assistance, advice, logistical support, and translation services, what could have taken weeks to get back to London, took only days. Anne was pleased that she worked for an employer who provided access to essential travel support for her in an emergency.

* Name has been changed to protect member's identity.