Jakarta Attacks


On 14 January 2016, terrorists set off a series of explosions in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta. A gunbattle then ensued; injuring 20 people and killing 4.

During and after the incident, we were able to provide our clients with essential updates and advice, sourced from our on-the-ground team of security experts.
In total we dealt with 118 cases.
Service: Security Assistance: Information and advice, TravelTracker
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia


One of our members was travelling to Jakarta on business. After the attacks had taken place, he was worried about the potential for further attacks, his personal security, and if it was safe to go ahead with his business meetings. Calling into our Assistance Centre for advice, the member was able to discuss his concerns with one of our security specialists. He was provided with security and travel information tailored to his business itinerary.

jakarta main picture


With close coordination between our security team deployed on the ground and one of our local security providers, information was able to be corroborated and communicated to our members amidst public speculation and rumours.

After the attacks, several webinars were organised to inform our members on the situation, share the insights gathered, and provide travel advice.

The longer-term implications of the Jakarta Attacks were also discussed, as well as how businesses and travellers can prepare for as well as react to the evolving nature of terrorism in the region.


Through TravelTracker, our information and advice several organisations were able to ensure the personal security of their staff and continue with little or no interruption to their business itinerary.