Running Low on Medication for a Chronic Condition


Running out of your medication is a major concern – particularly if you have a chronic condition and you work overseas. It makes sense to ensure you have sufficient supplies before travelling, particularly as pharmaceutical stocks vary widely around the world. However, if you forget, lose or run out of your prescription, International SOS can often help.  This case study illustrates how we were able to help a member working abroad.

Services: International SOS membership

Location: Bahrain


John Pellegrini*, an engineer working on contract in Bahrain, needed daily medication to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Realising that he only had a week’s supply left, he went to a local doctor who informed him that the medicine was not readily available.

John called our Dubai Assistance Centre immediately.

Doctor patient consultation


The Assistance Centre in Dubai were able to arrange an appointment for John with a renal specialist at a government hospital in Bahrain. 48 hours later, John went to his appointment and was given a two month’s supply of his medication.

However, John wanted enough medicine to last him the remainder of his contract to feel on the safe side. Regulations in the region did not allow patients to receive more than a two month’s supply at a time.  John called the Dubai Assistance Centre again, and International SOS doctors arranged for his prescription to be shipped to him from the United Kingdom, using an international courier.

Three weeks later, John was able to pick up his medication from customs. Furthermore, John’s out-of-pocket cost was limited as he was able to claim the cost of the prescription back to his health insurer.


John was able to continue his treatment for a chronic condition without interruption. He did not have to leave the country to collect his prescription, and was able to fulfil his work contract completely. His company ensured that John had access to best-in-class medical assistance while he was working overseas.

* Name has been changed to protect member's identity.