Travel Security

Protecting your people.

Fuelling your growth.

International SOS offers travel risk mitigation

services through a joint venture with Control

Risks. By integrating our experience, staff,

infrastructure and technology capabilities,

our services provide the support needed to

ensure the safety of international travellers

and expatriates.

Seamlessly integrated with our medical professionals, our travel security teams are fully regionalised, bringing us closer to businesses and widening their reach. Our local expertise is based on years of operational experience to provide deeper, more insightful, specialist knowledge.

Key features

Our integrated approach to travel risk

mitigation enables clients to make the right

decisions for their people’s health, safety

and security — before, during and after they


It includes:

  • Health Impact Assessment
  • Comprehensive travel security guides to more than 600 countries and cities worldwide
  • Timely updates on security issues and developments containing actionable advice
  • Thought leadership for travel risk managers, including in-depth analysis on emerging issues or trends and weekly security forecasts 24/7 access to security specialists to prepare employees before they travel
  • Monitoring services ensuring that travellers are alerted to specific situations
  • On-the-ground support and assistance

Travel Security

The joint venture of International SOS and Control Risks provides clients with a complete suite of assistance and travel risk mitigation support services with a unique footprint of travel security and medical resources that spans five continents.

Our 24/7 Global Regional Security Centre in Singapore directly supports Indonesia to provide organisations with integrated risk management plans, strategies and responses to protect their employees and help their business function more efficiently. Our services include:

  • Travel Tracker
  • Personal Travel Security Awareness Training
  • Travel Security Evacuation Planning
  • Travel Security Management Service
  • Travel Security Programme