Occupational Health

Health check

Companies operating outside their homeland or remote areas often face unfamiliar challenges. Large amount of  literatures  estimate  that  one  out  every  three failed international employee assignments  is  due  to  medical  or  family  issues,  leading  to  huge  direct  and indirect cost to companies. 

Many of the  health  problems  suffered by assignees  are  preventable  if identified early prior to deployment.  That’s why companies need to make sure their employees are medically fit for work assignments and are properly supported while they are on such assignment.

How it works

  • Access to the International SOS credentialed and managed Global  Health Network amongst 70,000 medical providers
  • Coordination, assessment scheduling, guarantee of payments on behalf of clients
  • Industry/company defined - standardised medical assessments 
  • Objective independent medical review of results and meaningful recommendation
  • Issuance of health summaries to individuals and health  certificates company or industry specific
  • Stringent secured storage of medical data and trend analysis to support wellness agenda
  • Secure online access (via internet web portal, mobile apps) or e mail, telephone access
  • Recall system for periodical exam management

How it helps

  • Prevent a serious medical incident by identifying employee needs before deployment
  • Reduce health plan costs, sick leave, disability pay and worker’s compensation
  • Save on costs for overseas medical expenses for travellers working abroad
  • Fulfil your Duty of Care obligations to employees
  • Improve productivity of your organization internationally