Health Policies, Standards and Procedures

Health policies describe the scenarios where health is important to an organisation. Examples might be emergency evacuation and response, first aid, hearing protection, pandemic flu planning, or health impact on local communities. 


Stethoscope on table

Policies will refer to minimum health standards for occupational and other health concerns. Advantages of common health standards across a global organisation may be:

  • Uniform delivery of health standards
  • Logistics
  • Staff training
  • Clear standards required of contractors
  • Risk mitigation of adverse events causing loss of business and business reputation

 International SOS can advise on, update and write bespoke health standards, policies and procedures for organisations.

For example, a company may want a an international assignee health policy for employees and their dependants: this sets out when an assignment might be refused or curtailed on health grounds and what healthcare costs will and will not be paid for in given location, as well as the expected behaviour of employees in preventing malaria, for example.