Industrial Hygiene

What methodologies do you employ to identify and assess hazards to health in the workplace? Do you implement global standards for controlling these risks?

How are you governing and standardising the assessment and recording of workplace hazards and the effectiveness of control measures?

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Employers are required to assess the risk of industrial processes to health, such as those in manufacturing and mining.

Hazards include dusts, fumes, chemical, chemical hazard, radiation and physical hazards such as noise. 

Industrial Hygiene is the science behind mitigating the risk of industry and manufacturing hazards from harming workers. More recently industrial hygienists advise on office ergonomics and controlling stress in the workplace.

Industrial hygienists use evidence-based scientific procedures to measure toxic agents such as dusts, fumes and noise in the work environment and advise management on how to manage these risks to a practicable minimum and achieve legal compliance.

We are able to supply Industrial Hygiene services globally and can both manage and provide governance to these services.