Work Related Injury and Illness Reporting

Do you collect injury and illness data? Is injury reporting a significant issue in your organisation?

Do you seek medical advice when determining if an injury truly is work related and what classification level is appropriate?

man hurt main picture

Injury and illness are required to be reported by health systems, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, customers and governments. An organisation may even need to report these in tenders for large contracts. 

Injury classification is an important concern. Over-reporting can impact business and potentially contract wins. (Lost time injuries are often benchmarked against other competitors in tenders and other bids).

Injury data can be financially sensitive and attracts the attention of senior management.
A medical adviser can guide decision making to avoid unnecessary classification as requiring medical treatment or lost-time injuries.

International SOS occupational health clinics can assist in injury classification to ensure that medical attention is in proportion to the severity of the injury. Furthermore, our specialists are able to provide organisations with a consistent governance to injury classification processes across global operations.

We are also able to provide medical advice in the process of grading an injury. For example, as first aid, medical advice, lost time, or restricted work.