security services – International SOS and control risks

In the age of ever-changing risk, protecting an increasingly mobile workforce is a key challenge for any organisation. Since 2008, International SOS and Control Risks provide their clients with the insight, preparation and training to resolve the issues and crises that hit any global organisation. 


What makes our integrated solution different?

The alliance between International SOS and Control Risks meets the growing need for an integrated medical and security risk management solution. Our integrated resources and expertise support the health, security, safety and well-being of their workforce, helping employers meet their Duty of Care responsibilities – the backbone of business resilience and sustainability. 

In our recent ‘Voice of our Members’ customer survey, 95% of our members agree that our security services advice helped them to feel prepared for their trips.

96% of our members also feel confident about our expertise.


The offer to our clients:

Specialist insight and analysis: Access to the information and analysis of 2,300 dedicated security experts through five regional security centres available 24/7.


Supporting readiness and resilience: Optimal preparation through preventative travel assessments, the development of security risk policies, and evacuation plans.


Technology: Latest technological solutions for security training, as well as tracking and communication with the mobile workforce. 

Global footprint: Efficient and swift support for our clients on the ground through our partner network of almost 2,000 accredited security providers. 

Local expertise: Our experts speak 30+ languages, have all lived and worked in the regions they manage. Their extensive experience includes: analysis, commercial security, crisis management, logistics, and operational intelligence. 

One solution partner: Medical and security risks most often come hand in hand. Through our alliance, clients have one point of contact for all issues concerning travel risk management.