Hotel Safety

Terror attacks, geopolitical events, pandemics or natural disasters; despite these threats, global business travel continues.


Commercial opportunities in developing, higher risk countries have contributed to the increase in the need to travel; perhaps taking business travellers to locations with a greater level risk than ever before. But are the safety and security considerations of employees keeping pace with this change?

Last year, only 19% of organisations implemented safety and security checks.


Mitigating accommodation-related risks may mean dedicating your time to extensive research or expensive assessments; and the cost of not addressing accommodation-related risks could result in your people feeling unsafe, being unwilling to travel - or worse still, exposed to physical harm. 


Approximately 6% of our security cases are requests for hotel advice

Selection of an appropriate hotel is an integral part of travel risk control, and should be taken into consideration when forming any mature travel risk mitigation programme. A number of variables must be considered when evaluating its suitability.

We can help you find the right hotel in the right place, at the right time for your trip. Watch our video on Hotel Risk Review, and see how we can work with you to choose a safe place to stay.





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