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International SOS offers a range of Digital Learning courses with learning tips and outcomes that enable employees and students to observe higher standards of travel safety and security.  Scroll down to view our catalogue of available content.

 Digital Learning on all devices

Whether your employees travel for business on a regular basis or just make the occasional overseas trip, our portfolio of Digital Learning courses will introduce them to key medical and security aspects of travel.


Our courses are designed to make sure that your travellers are adequately prepared to better manage risk before they travel. The learning gained also ensures that your travellers know how to make proactive responses if a potential crisis happens during travel.


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Our Digital Learning courses are deployed either through our Learning Management System (LMS) platform called The International SOS Training Hub, or via the clients own LMS using our Co-Hosting option. Our SCORM 1.2 complaint online courses are multi-device compatible and available across 11 language choices.


Benefits of Digital Learning 

Our courses are designed to raise awareness of the risks facing delegates when they travel to other countries. By offering training in risk management, it’s also our goal to educate travellers on the different customs and cultures that they may find on the road, and to encourage them to stay alert. There are specific courses on health awareness including malaria and the Zika virus, as well as a course designed for women to recognise the need for a heightened level of alert when travelling in unfamiliar places.


Each of our travel safety training courses helps your staff to actively prepare for the risks of business travel, and to approach their next trip in the right frame of mind.


Digital Learning courses available: 


Travel Risk Awareness – Security & Medical | Comprehensive

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Our best seller Travel Risk Awareness Digital Learning covers the key medical and security risks you may face when travelling and is designed to help your travellers stay safe and healthy.

Course consists of two modules:
Duration: Medical : 25 minutes, Security : 25 minutes

Available Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese



Women's Security | Security

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There are now more women travelling for business than ever before. This Digital Learning will benefit your female travellers, as it provides useful information on how to mitigate the additional security risks women face when travelling abroad.

Duration: 18 minutes

Available Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean




Road Safety | Security

Man with head in his hand at car crash

Travelling in unfamiliar places presents unexpected risks. Journeys by road particularly increase the risks for travellers. Road accidents are consistently listed in the top 5 reasons for medical evacuations for business travellers. This Digital Learning has been designed with support from the Global Road Safety Partnership and is a great way to raise awareness and reduce risk.

Duration: 16 minutes

Available Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean




Malaria | Health

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Malaria is a real risk to business travellers, employees and expatriates in over 90 countries across the globe. However, malaria can be prevented and treated if caught in time. This Digital Learning will benefit your employees travelling to, or working in, malaria affected areas.

Duration: 30 minutes

Available Languages: English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean




Zika | Health

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The impact of Zika can be significant. This is not only serious for an individual's health, but also to your workforce's productivity. This course covers core information for those living or travelling in Zika-affected areas.

Duration: 20 minutes

Available Languages: English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese




Student Travel – Security & Medical |  Comprehensive

Girl with bottle in forest and man in hallway at school

These two courses are designed for students who are travelling abroad. It aims to help raise awareness of the various personal security and medical risks that may be faced overseas. The course includes, practical advice and hints, well-being and other tips to help students mitigate those risks and to keep them safe and secure while travelling or studying abroad.

Course consists of two modules:
Duration: Medical : 25 minutes, Security : 25 minutes

Language: English 



Advanced Security (Higher Risk & Intro to Kidnap) | Comprehensive

Gun in holster and arms tied up

For your employees travelling to higher and extreme risk locations, there is a greater need for pre-trip advice and training. This Digital Learning raises awareness of potential issues and provides practical information to help keep your employees safe. This course also addresses awareness and reaction to vehicle and knife attacks.

Course consists of two modules:
Duration: Higher Risk : 25 minutes, Intro to Kidnap : 16 minutes
Language: English



Active Shooter | Security

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The likelihood of a random active shooter or terrorist attack is of increasing concern. This Digital Learning raises an individual’s situational awareness and provides guidance on how to identify potential attackers and how best to react if an attack occurs.

Duration: 25 minutes

Language: English




Cyber and Security Information | Security

fingers on laptop keys

Business travellers are potentially more vulnerable to cyber and physical information security threats than office based counterparts. Learn how to identify potential cyber and information security threats, and guidance on how business travellers can reduce their exposure to the risk of data theft.

Duration: 25 minutes

Languages: English



Security in Latin America | Security

Map looking at phone

This course is designed for business travellers or international assignees, in order to raise awareness of the different personal security risks related to travelling in Latin America. The course includes practical information and advice to help mitigate against these risks and maintain your safety while working abroad.

Duration: 25 minutes

Available Languages: English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese 



How to get started

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