Klinik Utama SOS MEDIKA


Welcome to Indonesia, the world's largest archipelagic country.


Your workforce are your key assets. Providing them with access to an appropriate standard of care is essential to keep them healthy and productive.


In Indonesia, International SOS partnered with Klinik Utama SOS MEDIKA to ensure you meet the most common medical needs your employees will face, from the routine to the emergency and in a cost-effective manner. Klinik Utama SOS MEDIKA are strategically located near our clients’ operations, providing your workforce with consistent access to an international-quality standard of healthcare.


For more than 30 years, Klinik Utama SOS MEDIKA provides round-the-clock services of family physicians, primary care and emergency support, as well as an in-house pharmacy. An international-standard team of doctors, nurses and medical staff provide multi-lingual services to patients throughout Indonesia.


Klinik Utama SOS MEDIKA manages three primary and emergency care clinics in Indonesia, two in Jakarta (Cipete and Kuningan) and one in Bali, with international standard facilities and stand-by emergency units to provide 24/7 support to our clients and patients. To comply with International SOS standard of qualification, all Klinik Utama SOS MEDIKA are ISO 9001:2015 accredited and audited based on BSI standards.


It is a one-stop medical check up centre offering a comprehensive range of screening services to meet individual and corporate needs, including Oil & Gas UK/UKOAA and Indonesia Seafarer medical examinations.


it offers a fee-for-service clinic plan program to provide clients with access to numerous routine out-patient services and medicines. Their professional team of trained doctors, nurses, and clinic staff provide primary and emergency medical care through our commitment to customer care and implementation of international standards in healthcare services and infection/disease control.


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