Medical Check Up

We have a dedicated Medical Check Up Clinic with a professional and skilled medical team to conduct health checks.

Medical checkup is a medical examination which aims to determine your health status.

The types and scope of the medical checkup varies, depending on the needs of the individual including men's or women's health. Medical check ups are preventative and educational with the aim at early detection of diseases and also determing the level of fitness and general health.

During the consultation, the doctor will review your health and family health history,find out any specific screenings or vaccinations which maybe due.

Types of Medical Check Ups:

  • Individuals (ranging from children, adolescents to adults)
  • Employees of Corporations including check ups for specific medical fitness eg for pre-employment, periodical screening or offshore fitness
  • Specific check up for fitness for off-shore fitness/duty (We have doctors who are OGUK certitfied to conduct offshore fitness examinations)
  • Approved Medical Examiner for PETRONAS requirement
  • For domestic helpers and drivers
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