Asian Games 2018

Indonesia is hosting the most prestigious sporting event in Asia, the 18th ASIAN GAMES from 18 August to 2 September 2018. As stated by the Indonesia Asian Games Organizing Committee (INASGOC), the event will see 16,000 athletes and officials from participating countries and host approximately 2 million spectators of the games onsite.

As in any large-scale event, preparing for medical risks is essential. Health problems such as heat stroke, dehydration and traveler’s digestion problem often occur. Infectious diseases such as influenza and gastrointestinal infections are most frequent cases during major public event.

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The following tips can help you to keep yourself fit and healthy while attending the games:

  • Personal medicine

    Ensure to bring enough supplies of personal medication and first aid kit when you plan to visit the games. Heightened security and large crowd will limit your in-and-out movement of the arena during the games.

  • Avoid unsafe food and beverages

    Bring your own water and food to avoid gastrointestinal problems. If buying onsite, ensure the packaging is still properly sealed.

  • Plenty of water

    Drink enough water to ensure you are well hydrated. If possible, find an indoor seating or shaded spot, and wear protective sunscreen or a hat during mid-day to protect yourself from direct sunlight.

  • Maintain personal hygiene

    Wash hands every time you use public toilet. Bring a pocket hand sanitizer in case finding a proper handwashing station is difficult.

  • Well rested

    Get a minimum 8 hours rest to keep yourself fit when planning to watch a live game.

  • Protective mask

    To minimize spread of airborne infection, wear personal protective mask and avoid sitting around a noticeably unwell person.

  • Convenient seating

    When you are disabled, in a recovery stage or pregnant, please choose a proper seating and notify onsite crew about your condition.

    Maintaining awareness on safety issues is also important while supporting your favorite team in ASIAN GAMES 2018:

  • Be alert to your surroundings

    Avoid places that are too crowded. Keep your belongings in sight at all times. Do not bring valuables such as jewelry and do not carry large sums of cash to the games’ venues.  

  • Abide by all official directives

    The government has enhanced security measures for the Asian Games 2018 given the event’s importance. All spectators should abide by all official directives. Carry your identification documents to ease passage through security checks. Report any suspicious behaviour or objects to the authorities.

  • Know your exits

    Ensure that you know the locations of emergency exits and clinics in the games’ venues. Where possible, watch the games from locations nearest to the emergency exits.

  • Plan your journeys

The influx of spectators and government’s policy of restricting the number of private vehicles on certain roads will worsen traffic jam. Plan your road journeys in advance and allow additional time to reach your destinations. Where possible, find alternative routes to bypass known congestion points.


In an emergency, International SOS members are encouraged to call Jakarta Assistance Centre (+62 21 750 6001) or Bali Assistance Centre (+62 361 710 505).