Vaccinations work, infected employees can not. 


According to World Health Organization (WHO), progress towards global vaccination targets for 2015 is far off and the WHO is calling for renewed efforts to get progress back on course.


At International SOS, we are supporting the WHO's call to close the immunisation gap and are raising awareness through global health promotion activities.

Immunisation prevents between two to three million deaths every year.


Every year travellers contract unpleasant but vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles, typhoid, or hepatitis A. Suddenly a productive and successful business trip turns into a medical illness that could so easily have been avoided. The risk of infection is heightened in remote locations with many people working and living close together; a single case of measles on an oil rig, for example, can quickly become a major problem.

These diseases can be avoided with the right precautions and vaccinations.

Doctor and patient

International SOS is playing a leading role in providing specific advice and support for medical and security risks, no matter where your people are. Our specialist teams are working around the clock to keep your employees protected and business moving.

  • Assess and understand the risks of exposure at your destination: We analyse and evaluate any location you are sending your employees to and recommend measures that help mitigate risks.
  • Educate your travellers before they depart: Through our specialist medical information and education programmes, we help you to prepare your travellers for the local situation as well as advise on measures to take should the situation deteriorate.
  • Around the clock access for your travellers to specific local advice: Our qualified doctors and security specialists are there for your employees, no matter what, where or when.
  • Stay connected with your travellers and keep track of them in a high risk location: We make sure your employees receive the latest information and are prepared at all times.

Achieve your goals and avoid loss of time and productivity by preparing your employees for travel and supporting them when they are in unfamiliar and remote locations. We help to keep your people healthy and safe, so you can focus on your core business activities. Click here to find out how we do this.

Pharmacy in Beijing

What are vaccines?


Vaccines are preparations that protect you from getting sick from specific diseases. They usually contain a tiny piece of the disease-causing germ, or a variant of the germ, that is dead or very weak. Not all diseases have a vaccine. For example, there is no vaccine to protect people from HIV/AIDS or malaria. But there are effective vaccines for many other illnesses, such as influenza, measles, tetanus and hepatitis B. 
When you receive a vaccine, your body produces antibodies to it. These antibodies stay in your system and make you 'immune' to the disease contained in the vaccine. This means that if your body encounters the disease in the future, it is already prepared to fight it off. This should keep you from getting sick.


Information, advice and assistance

A first step is having up to date, reliable information about vaccination requirements, according to the specific needs of each employee. This information is available in the Member Zone. We provide detailed information on more than 100 diseases, including transmission, symptoms, treatment and prevention. We identify the levels of risk posed by specific diseases, country by country.  


This information is also available from our Assistance Centres where members can speak directly to medical experts to seek further information or discuss any concerns. We invite all members to call us, before, during or after travelling, and as often as needed. Our 27 Assistance Centres can respond to calls at any time and in almost any language.  


Vaccination Programmes

We can help you design a range of programmes for local and on-site employees, business travellers and expatriates. We advise on which vaccinations are recommended or required and find qualified medical providers to administer them. We can also run local campaigns to remind employees when vaccinations are needed.


Business travellers should be vaccinated before travelling. However, vaccinations are also available at our clinics for those living in the area. 

Vaccinations are easy to overlook. Meet your Duty of Care obligations to your employees and protect your business by ensuring proper procedures are in place. Check your employees are up to date with their vaccinations - a few minutes now can save serious disruption later.


About World Immunisation Week

World Immunisation Week signals a renewed global, regional, and national effort to accelerate action to increase awareness and demand for immunisation by communities, and improve vaccination delivery services. More information can be found here.