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  • Sally Napper

    More businesses are sending women around the world to work yet we know that more than 80% of female employees are very nervous about what they may face in foreign locations. It is imperative to provide access to destination-specific advice based on their risk profile and offer 24/7 assistance should anything go wrong while working.

  • Dr Mark Parrish

    This is not short term – it takes a number of years to put these programmes in place, to measure them and to show benefits. Many employers recognise that they need to work in tandem with their public healthcare systems. That will bring the most benefit to them and their employees.

  • Dr Rodrigo Rodriguez-Fernandez

    When we travel for work, the lines become a bit blurred between where work starts and stops. Because we don't have the regular structure and continuity, we start to see an increase in burnout and stress.

  • Dr Philippe Guibert

    Dr Philippe Guibert

    To ensure a sustainable future, occupational health and safety must be at the core of your business strategy.

  • Aditya Luthra

    Research and experience shows that your employees face a growing threat from cyber criminal activity, from well-organised networks as well as uncoordinated attacks. As a result, workers face increased cyber-targeting and exposure during work abroad as global digitalisation continues to advance, and reliance on technology becomes almost unavoidable.