Multiple Casualty Incident Plan Training

Multiple Casualty Incident Plan Training is a classroom, instructor-led course that teaches the preparation for multiple casualty emergencies.

This two-days course addresses the responsibilities for the management of a mass casualty incident at the workplace. The MCI Plan is to be read in conjunction with the Emergency Response Plan. The plan provides for an orderly and effective response to MCIs by establishing pre-determined policies and procedures so that suffering, disability, and death of victims and risk to rescuers are minimized.

Upon successful completion of the course , participant will receive an attendance certificate.

Course Covers

  •  The concept of multiple casualty incident plan
  •  Triage
  •  Desktop Exercise
  •  Walk through
  •  Drill
  •  Briefing and De-Briefing


Primary Audience

This course is for the personnel in the component of the operation section such as Commander, Fire Suppression, Rescue/ Extrication Personnel, Law Enforcement and Medical Team.