Managed Healthcare

In Indonesia, as large as estimated 71% of deaths are preventable (WHO, 2014). Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases account for these deaths. Our occupational health programmes assist organisations to better manage health risks in the workplace. Our experts are experienced in delivering strategic consultancy for head offices and performing:

  • Site Health Reviews
  • Workplace Health Risk Assessments
  • Occupational Health Consulting
  • Visiting Doctor
  • Occupational Health Risk Assessments (rig assessments, hygiene surveys, etc.)
  • Wellness and health promotion

Our team utilises acclaimed methodology by the Energy, Mining, Infrastructure (EMI) and financial sectors to provide a quality, structured and cost effective service to its customers. Highly sophisticated proprietary medical analytics program evaluate the health risk profile of each individual against the country health risk destination profile of deployment (as well as his/her job type where applicable).

International SOS Occupational Health doctors and nurses, who are expert in international health care delivery, then use this information to provide advice and make recommendations for a better managed health care for your workforce.