Promote student and staff well-being anytime, anywhere

Having a risk management plan is an important part of maintaining a successful and responsible school. It will help to protect students and staff as well as physical and financial assets. For years, heads of leading and respectable educational institutions understand this and worked with us to protect their organisations from being vulnerable. 


Scholastic and higher education

Common risks at school include things like accidents in the workplace, sports events or fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. It can also include legal risks like fraud, theft, and sexual harassment lawsuits. We help schools to identify and create a plan to minimise or eliminate the impact of negative events.


In addition to traditional study abroad and research programmes, more students and faculty are participating in experiential learning courses, volunteer service and mission trips. These opportunities immerse globally-minded students in different cultures and offer a hands-on educational experience. 

Many programmes are unaffiliated with your school and may be based in areas with different level of service infrastructure or in remote and difficult regions. In these areas, natural disasters, riots, crime, accidents and sickness can seriously endanger well-being, disrupt travel and undermine personal safety.

Before students go on an excursion, it is important to fully manage the travel, security and health risks that they may face. Providing information on personal security, cultural and travel tips, health issues, food and water safety as well as vaccinations, can help make your outside-the-campus programme a better experience.