Facts and Figures



  • 12,000 employees worldwide working in 90 countries.
  • Half of our employees (50%) are medical professionals.
  • Our staff speak 100 languages.
  • Access to over 3,200 security specialist led by 200 dedicated security experts.
  • We support 900 sites worldwide, from Urban Centres to Remote Locations, and Offshore Rigs.
  • 64 medical clinics provide high quality healthcare
  • The first organisation to receive ISO/TS 13131 certiļ¬cation for delivery of TeleHealth services and took four million calls providing in-depth information and analysis on 229 countries & territories. (2020)
  • 27 Assistance Centres 24/7 providing health & security advice
  • 11,000 calls a day managed by our Assistance Centres
  • We help 12,000 clients
  • 87% of the Fortune Global 100 & 63% if the Fortune Global 500
  • 1,600 air ambulance missions performed and flown 12,000 flight hours (eight million km) per year
  • We help organisations fulfil their Duty of Care responsibilities for business resilience and sustainability.



Our innovative technology, and medical and security expertise focus on prevention, offering real-time, actionable insights and on-the-ground quality delivery. We help protect your people, your organisation's reputation, as well as support your compliance reporting needs. By partnering with us, organisations can fulfil their Duty of Care responsibilities, while empowering business resilience, continuity, and sustainability.

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