Assistance Centre and Services

Our assistance centres are staffed with medical, security, and logistics experts to coordinate assistance and evacuations for our clients. In 2008, we handled over 70,000 cases and conducted over 400 evacuations.

During the civil unrest in Indonesia in May 1998, we supported the safe evacuation of 4,000 individuals. Our team has extensive crisis management experience, having managed evacuations for the two Bali bombings (2002 and 2005), the Marriott hotel bombing (2003), the Australian Embassy bombing (2004), the Aceh tsunami (2004), the Yogyakarta earthquake (2006), the plane crash in Yogyakarta (2007) and the Jakarta hotel bombings (2009).

More than 500,000 Indonesian and blue chip clients entrust us to manage their hospital healthcare benefits. We take care of individual and corporate health administration services and reporting for treatment at third-party hospitals and medical facilities.

We also provide medical and travel assistance as well as concierge services for platinum credit card holders.


Tel: +62 361 710 505
Fax: +62 361 710 515


Tel: +62 21 750 6001
Fax: +62 21 750 6002

We are pleased to announce that International SOS Assistance Centres are ISO 9001:2008 certified. This certification is an international standard that recognizes commitment to high quality service delivery and customer satisfaction.