Travel Risk eLearning

Whether your employees travel for business on a regular basis or just make the occasional overseas trip, our portfolio of eLearning courses introduce them to key medical and security aspects of travel.

Our eLearning is designed to better manage risk by making sure that your travellers are adequately prepared before they travel. They also ensure that there is a proactive response to a potential crisis during travel.

                                                                        Road Safety eLearning on multiple devices

All our eLearning courses are delivered through the International SOS Training Hub- a convenient, professional and fully integrated learning platform. All eLearning courses are multi-device compatible and multi-language. 

eLearning courses available: 

Travel Risk Awareness eLearning

travel risk awareness pic

Our Travel Risk Awareness eLearning covers the key medical and security risks you may face when travelling and is designed to help your travellers stay safe and healthy.

Women's Security eLearning

womens security picThere are now more women travelling for business than ever before. This eLearning will benefit your female travellers, as it provides useful information on how to mitigate the additional security risks women face when travelling abroad. 

Road Safety eLearning

road safety picTravelling in unfamiliar places presents unexpected risks. Journeys by road particularly increase the risks for travellers. Road accidents are consistently listed in the top 5 reasons for medical evacuations for business travellers. This eLearning has been designed with support from the Global Road Safety Partnership and is a great way to raise awareness and reduce risk.

Malaria eLearning

malaria pic

Malaria is a real risk to business travellers, employees and expatriates in over 90 countries across the globe. However, malaria can be prevented and treated if caught in time. This eLearning will benefit your employees travelling to, or working in, malaria affected areas.

Advanced Security eLearning

advanced security threeFor your employees travelling to higher and extreme risk locations, there is a greater need for pre-trip advice and training. This eLearning helps raise awareness of the potential issues and provides practical information help keep your employees safe.