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Advising you and your global teams means accompanying you along the course of their assignment or trip, by first keeping them aware of developing events and helping you continuously track and support them. 

Keeping you and your people informed at all times

When on-the go, thanks to TravelTracker, teams are also kept up-to date with the latest medical or security development at their destination via email alerts. TravelTracker automatically sends our latest proprietary medical, security information and advice so your travellers can anticipate problems, look after their safety and minimise disruption to their work.

In parallel, your management teams also receive proactive alerts from TravelTracker with the latest medical and security incidents in countries where you have travellers. These emails provide information on the incident and show you how many travellers you have already in or about to arrive in the country. Notifying you proactively about incidents that may affect your people, you stay informed and are ready to make decision on responding. This is also backed-up by strong reporting capabilities.

TravelTracker offers real-time traveller and international assignees tracking, on-demand and insightful reports and communication with globally-mobile populations. This means organisations like yours can plan and act immediately in the event of a crisis or simply arm your people with information that will keep them healthy, safe and secure.