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Assessing your risks means not only offering ways to prepare your global workforce prior to their assignment or trip, but also assessing your overall organisation’s medical and security risks quickly and simply. Our programme does both.


Helping you build an organisation-wide understanding of your risk exposure

Thanks to expert local knowledge on a global scale, International SOS provides you with health and security risk maps and information. This information is designed to help you better understand health and security risks in the markets where you operate, identifying the need to put measures in place that ensure business continuity. This expertise enable decision makers to immediately recognise which destinations require adequate preventive risk assessment procedures and preparation programmes. 


Pre-travel/assignment briefings for your travellers; online and on call

Going to an unknown destination can seem daunting whether on a short trip or for a longer international assignment. However, with the right pre-travel advice, your travellers can prepare for what lies ahead. Members can simply call our medical and security experts for assistance, or they can log into our members-only website to access essential medical, personal safety and travel information on countries or events around the world.


Access medical and travel security information anywhere on-the-go


Assistance app

We encourage all our members to download our free smartphone assistance app; they can use this to speed dial their nearest Assistance Centre or to instantly search for our latest medical and travel security advice for any location, including where they currently are. 

By having mobile access to this information, members can make well-informed decisions on critical health and safety issues that may affect their wellbeing. Download our assistance app from

Your own Communications Portal

Comms portal

Ease-of-access is key when communicating information and analysis to your people. Next to the information available through our app, International SOS creates a Communications Portal for you. Accessible to your teams, it can include your organisation-specific travel policy information or other important messages you wish to communicate to travellers and international assignees. It is also an easy way to encourage your travellers to obtain destination-specific travel information and register to receive our latest advice by email, making it easier for them to be prepared and have access to your organisation’s specific pre-travel requirements.


Pre-trip Advisories


Complementing your Communications Portal, International SOS has designed an automated pre-trip advisory, which gets sent to your travellers upon their booking with a travel agency or when they register their trip online.

Contents of the advisory include details of the itinerary, medical, vaccination, security, travel and cultural information, important contact information and a link to download the assistance app. The pre-trip advisory can further be customised to your needs. Sending rules are also tailored to the level of risk of the destination or any other specifics your organisation may have.


Going to destinations at risk? Are your people ‘TravelReady’?

Including a TravelReady link in Pre-trip Advisories improves the compliance rate with which travellers read and take in the advice within the advisory. This is critically important for  destinations deemed ‘at risk’ by your organisation, albeit form a medical, security, or IT point of view. The better prepared travellers are before they travel, the less likely they are to suffer disruption or threats to their health and safety during their trip.

Access to traveller responses show managers whether travellers are prepared for a trip or whether they need to discuss their trip and seek further advice from a security manager, for instance. For travellers, the form serves a simple “checklist” in preparation of their trip.

TravelReady’s purpose is to encourage compliance, giving you a tool that automates processes based on  your corporate policies. It can help drive compliance in your organisation for instance around:

• Capturing acknowledgment of pre-travel briefing.
• Immigration and visa requirements 
• Securing specific security details around a trip
• Enforcing and reminding your people of IT policies (checking international roaming for phones, etc...)