Road Safety eLearning Information Sheet

For global businesses, travel is commonplace. How will you prepare your employees for onward journeys by road? In just 20 minutes, our safety eLearning provides your employees with the knowledge they need to avoid the risks of using unfamiliar roads.


Protecting Your Employees

Global travel is an essential part of growing your business. Travelling in unfamiliar places presents unexpected risks. Journeys by road increase this.

Globally, 30% of all road incidents are work-related and they remain in the top five causes for evacuation across our Assistance Centres.

By properly preparing your employees you can help ensure they arrive at that important meeting feeling safe, composed and ready to impress.

Raising Awareness

Different cultures, laws, customs and infrastructure can make every trip by road an increased risk. By training your employees in situations they may face allows them to explore their responses, in a safe environment, before their next journey.

Mitigating The Risks

If one of your employees were to be in a road incident, it could have major implications not only for them, their family, friends and colleagues, but also your business. Events like this cause disruption, escalate costs and damage morale. 

Ensure your employees are prepared for the road leg of their journey and are aware of the implications of their decisions.

The Right Information

Our Travel Risk series complements Membership by delivering expert insights. Working with the Global Road Safety Partnership (acknowledged experts in this field), our Road Safety eLearning module provides:

  • Up-to-date, meaningful and relevant information that supports your business
  • Course completion in just 20 minutes
  • Practical advice to download and keep for offline use, perfect for travellers to recap on the move
  • Reminders of our 24/7 advice and assistance services
  • Access from PC, tablet or smartphone.

For further information about our eLearning or Travel Risk series, please email us at