Health screening

Many employees go on international assignment unaware of their personal health, Occupational Health and destination risks. MedFit is a health screening programme that provides clients with the global infrastructure and medical resources to minimise these risks.

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Minimising medical risks not only satisfies your duty of care but helps safeguard your investment.  Failed cross-border assignments are expensive. and a medical evacuation is not only an unexpected cost but may impact your reputation. Pre-assignment medical checks that are not managed, standardised and auditable can be a drain on your resources and time.  Not only that, but without a deep understanding of employee risk profiles, they will be poorly targeted. 


MedFit mitigates these risks by using a structured, medically led, pre-assignment and periodic medical screening programme.  We provide your personnel with the tools they need to maximise the chances of their assignment running smoothly.


MedFit programmes deliver:

  • Medically led pre-assignment and periodic screening including vaccinations, malaria chemoprophylaxis and TB screening
  • Tailored medical examinations and fitness conclusions aligned with your company risk profile
  • Global co-ordination of appointment administration  and recall for certificate expiry
  • Dedicated MedFit provider network
  • Annual health trend reporting
  • Tailored company portal
  • Medical data storage.  

To ensure your MedFit programme is aligned with your company’s needs, our Occupational Health Physicians assist you in designing the appropriate medical examination criteria. MedFit is a complete, managed programme.  A credentialed network is aligned with your locations, a single point of contact for all appointments and online tools support the programme for personnel and HR/HSE teams.